How To Style A Mesh Pool Fence

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For families with small children, mesh is very often the best choice for a pool fence. Mesh pool fencing is generally less expensive than other kinds, and it's also a lot more childproof. Crossbars can be used to climb over; gaps at the bottom can be crawled underneath and openings between bars can be slipped between - but mesh pool fencing gets around all of these concerns, and does just as good a job of keeping out much wildlife as it does children. The one concern many people have is that they won't be able to style it to fit in with their garden. It's sometimes thought of as being less attractive than metal or wooden fencing - but there are plenty of things you can do to get around that, and there's no aesthetic reason not to have a safe, childproof mesh pool fence installed in your property. Here's a selection of the best ways to make your fence look as good as the rest of your garden.

Make judicious use of potted plants - especially ones that grow tall.

The first rule of garden decoration is potted plants - they're useful for hundreds of things, and beautifying a mesh fence is no exception. Arrange them in clusters, especially around the corners of your fencing. It's important to choose ones that stand tall by themselves or use bamboo staves to keep them up, though - anything that tries to climb on your fencing itself could damage it.

Consider adding a few garden screens to mix things up.

Many garden centers now sell wooden or metal room dividers suitable for outdoor use. When erected in front of a mesh fence as part of your garden decor, they can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Use the mesh to add some unexpected light.

Solar-powered fairy lights are now widely available and very inexpensive. They can be wound through your mesh if the gaps are spaced far enough apart, or across the top bar if they aren't. When you're swimming at night, plenty of little twinkling points of light will help to make the experience truly magical.

Create distinct areas to break up a flat wall.

Rather than thinking of your pool fence as one solid area, use your imagination to figure out how to break your garden up into multiple areas. You can then make these clear by arranging furniture, creating 'walls' with potted plants and garden decorations at right-angles from your fence, and adding a couple of outdoor rugs. Mix up the access points to these zones to further enhance the effect.