Stop Low Flying Birds From Flying Into Your Pool Fence

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If low flying birds such as the welcome swallow keep flying into your glass pool fence, it can be annoying. It can also result in smears or even blood, in some cases, on the fence. Luckily, there are things you can do to deter birds from hitting your fence:

1. Make your pool area less enticing to birds.

If birds are hitting your glass pool fence because they are trying to reach your pool area, consider making it less attractive to birds. If you have fruit or seed bearing plants near your pool, consider removing them, and also remove bird feeders. If there are branches for roosting hanging over your pool, prune them to remove that temptation as well.

If you own the area outside your pool fence, consider creating small areas in that space for the birds. For example place a bird bath somewhere outside your pool area. That can attract the birds and keep them away from your fence. In particular, if they have a bird bath, they won't be as likely to dive toward your pool for a sip of water and hit the fence on the way.

2. Decorate your glass fence so it is more noticeable.

The tips above help to slow the flow of birds onto your property, but to curtail accidents, you should also make your pool fence more noticeable. There are a range of ways you can do this. If the birds are a recurring problem, you may want to add permanent etching to your pool fence. You can choose any design you like from waves, to dolphins, to other aquatic themes.

If you prefer a temporary solution, buy decals and stick them on your glass fence. Alternatively, you may cover the fence with a net or even a blanket to make it more visible to birds.

3. Use deterrents to scare birds away.

Many people love the crystal clear nature of glass pool fences, and as a result, they don't want to clutter them with decals or other items. If you fall into that category, you should explore other deterrents.

If you have trees hanging near your fence, hang shiny objects from them. Old CDs or DVDs work perfectly -- loop some string through the holes, hang them in your tree and let the reflecting light scare away birds. Alternatively, you can hang fake predators such as hawks or snakes in your tree or place them around your pool.

If you want to learn more techniques for keeping birds away from your pool fence or for taking care of damage that they cause, contact a glass pool fence specialist.