What are the different types of metal fences?

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If you are thinking about installing a fence on your property, you might be thinking about metal fences. These have loads of benefits, from the amount of security it offers you, to the fact that the materials are recyclable if you ever decide to take it down. Here are some different types of metal fencing to consider for your home.

Chain Link Fence

A common type of metal fence to choose is a chain link fence, which is an affordable option. This fence is great when you don't have a lot to spend but want a durable and secure fence. With a chain link fence, it is made with sturdy metal posts and frames that hold together steel mesh. You can get a chain link fence in different types of metal, from the more affordable aluminum to the high-quality steel. It is easy to have the fence custom-made to get the height you need for your property. While they aren't good for privacy purposes, you can keep your dogs and children from running into the street. You can easily make it more private by planting tall bushes and trees in front of the fence.


Another good metal fence that doesn't cost quite as much is an aluminum fence. A great thing about aluminum is that it is versatile and can be found in many different fence styles. If you want a fence that is good for privacy and includes large panels that keep out nosy neighbors, aluminum is perfect. There are a variety of styles of aluminum fences, where some are solid material, while others are more decorative with interesting detail and scrollwork on the surface. You can also paint aluminum fences to be any colour you like. Also keep in mind that aluminum metal fences are low-maintenance.

Wrought Iron

For a more durable fence that is hard for others to break down and gain access to your property, a wrought iron metal fence is ideal. Wrought iron is one of the most durable types of metal fences, lasting a long time, even if you pay a little more in the beginning. It also does require more maintenance, so that is something else to keep in mind. However, if you have security concerns with your home, you can get a wrought iron fence with a locked gate that keeps all unwanted visitors out. Have it made extra high so nobody can climb over the top of the fence either.