3 Tips to Make Maintenance of Your Automatic Gate Easier

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Like any other mechanical system, automated gates should be properly maintained to keep wire connections intact, prevent breakdowns and reduce failure of moving parts from lack of lubrication among other problems. Certain devices should be tested and adjusted to ensure they work properly and safely while the gate is in use. The following are three tips for maintaining your automatic gate:

1. Get a maintenance contract

If you don't want to handle any of the maintenance tasks yourself, setting up a maintenance contract with a service provider can ensure that your gate gets the attention it needs according to a predefined schedule. You may take a basic contract, which covers the annual inspection and tune-up where major work is done, or other variations which include multiple visits, availability for service calls, replacement of parts,etc.

Basic contracts are sufficient for single residential automatic gates which aren't opened and closed too many times a day. Commercial or multiple residential facilities, however, will need more frequent maintenance depending on the level of traffic. The contractor will give you a better estimate according to the type of gate and opener you have as well as the usage. Businesses typically use this information to set aside an amount in the budget for this task, so that all service calls, replacement parts and tune-ups are carried out under a single fee.

2. Choose quality parts

High quality gates, openers and other parts are more resistant to damaging factors like rust and pests. For instance, you want circuit boards that are in secure enclosures and covered with a protective coat to prevent risks of short-circuiting in the presence of moisture. You should also look for maintenance-free, sealed-bearing wheels and hinges for slide and swing gates respectively. Low-cost systems may make economic sense at the outset, but they typically need more maintenance, especially in commercial/multiple residential places that have heavy usage.

3. Keep it clean

Dirt and dust accumulation can make your gate look bad; it's the easiest way to tarnish its appearance and expose it to pests, especially during adverse weather conditions. Regular washing with an occasional wax-job can keep the gate looking shiny and new and remove pest residences. Every few years, you can have a professional come in to remove the gate and redo the sandblasting, powder coating and finishing.

Pests such as insects, reptiles and snails/slugs pose some danger to your circuit system, which is why the gate should be cleaned regularly. For instance, snail/slug trails and even spider webs can conduct electricity when slightly wet, increasing potential for damage to the circuit board. Anthills and bee/wasp nests will not only corrode the areas where they are built, they also take away from the aesthetic appeal of your gate.