2 Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Custom Designed Entry gate For Your Driveway

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Fencing is an important feature of the home and provides privacy, security and street appeal. If you're adding new fencing to your home, then you've no doubt put a lot of time and thought into finding the right style and material to go for. Another important element of a successful fence is the entry gate that you choose for your driveway.

There is a wide range of different gates available to choose from on today's market and it's very common for homeowners to opt for a custom gate that meets their needs perfectly. If you're considering a custom designed entry gate for your driveway, then here are two aspects that you'll need to think about.

1. Opening mechanism

For residential use, entry gates generally use one of two opening mechanisms: swing or slide. As the names suggest, swing gates use two panels that pivot open from a central point, while slide gates use a single panel that slides open on a track running parallel to the fence line. The type you choose will depend on the style of gate you choose and the size and shape of your driveway and front yard.

A swing mechanism is the best choice if you're opting for a more traditional look and using materials such as wrought iron or decorative timber. However, this opening mechanism does require plenty of room to open so may not be ideal if you are pushed for space on a small block of land or in an urban area.

A slide mechanism makes a great choice if you're looking for a sleek, contemporary look. This style requires less space to open and close, so it's a great choice if you want to keep your gate streamlined an unobtrusive. The only downfall is that you may need to clear out a section of an established garden bed to house the track for this mechanism.

2. Automation

Once you've decided on your opening mechanism, you can move onto choosing whether to automate your new gate or not. While automation isn't strictly necessary, it's worth spending a little extra for the ease and convenience it provides. Automation is suitable for both swing and slide opening mechanisms.

A basic automation system allows you to open your gate with a remote control that's kept in your car or home. For a more sophisticated and versatile setup, there are systems that can be controlled via your smartphone. These smart automation systems also allow you to grant access to visitors or contractors to your home from any location.