Reason Why Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Is The Best Pool Fencing Solution

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As a homeowner, you are definitely aware of the dangers posed to children and toddlers by a pool that has no safety fence. Therefore, every pool owner is advised to always install a safety fence around their pool to protect anyone and anything from falling inside. In the past, metal and wooden fences were preferred. However, considering they are less attractive and makes your space seem crowded, frameless glass pool fencing is now the preferred option. Here are more reasons why frameless glass is the best pool fencing solution.


Frameless glass pool fencing gives you an obstructed view of your pool and its vicinity. By using frameless glass, you are able to maintain an artistic view while ensuring safety. Frameless glass fencing reflects light in your garden, making it appear much bigger, making your garden feel like a resort. In addition, you have the liberty of enjoying time with friends in the garden while still watching kids playing from where you are.

Provides a Safety Barrier

Just like steel and wooden barriers, glass fences ensure that kids and other pets are restricted from accessing the pool area without supervision. This means you don't have to check the pool at intervals to confirm that no one is in trouble. 

Easy to Maintain

Considering it doesn't rust, there is no need to oil or paint it. All you need is a hose pipe, detergent and soft brush to clean it.


The glass used in frameless fences is made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is heated at high temperatures and cooled instantly, making it strong and highly durable. Therefore, no chance for the glass to shutter or breaking. Considering it comes with varying thickness, depending on your specification, the glass is designed to have a longer life by withstanding any undue force.

No Worrying Openings on Edges

As compared to wood or steel fencing, glass fencing has negligible openings along the edges. This means that you do not have to worry about kids being stuck in those openings or passing through them.

Act as Wind Breakers

Considering they are not hollow on the sides, these fences help block the winds while allowing the sunlight in. Therefore, you are able to enjoy some outdoor activities in the cool seasons without worry of varying temperatures.

However, it is important to note that the quality, safety and aesthetic nature of your frameless glass fence depend on the contractor you hire. Therefore, make sure to contact a highly qualified contractor for safe and professional installation.