How the Right Pool Fencing Can Add Value to Your Home

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To the right buyer, a swimming pool adds value to a home. According to a recent survey by Lendi, a home loan platform, 10.8 percent of Australians would pay an extra $20,000 for a home with a swimming pool. Although that may not seem like a huge figure, now is the time to buy in Australia. That means your pool could soon become a valuable bargaining tool.

However, your pool fencing matters too. For instance, if a potential buyer doesn't like your pool fencing, they may look elsewhere. Pool fencing can add value to your home in several ways.

Safe Pool Fencing Appeals to Families

Is your pool fencing sturdy? Has it seen better years? For a family with children and even pets, pool fencing is a must. If you are hoping to sell your home in the coming months or years, you can appeal to as many buyers as possible by ensuring that your pool fencing is both safe and stylish.

Investing in shatterproof glass pool fencing, for instance, would provide safety for children and pets and style for those who enjoy spending time in the pool.

A New Pool Fence Is a Big Plus

For a new homeowner, a recently installed pool fence could give your home more 'wow' factor. Not only does a new pool fence require no maintenance, but it is also guaranteed to last. Moreover, a new pool fence, regardless of its design, will be sturdier and therefore safer.

If your pool fence is showing signs of wear and tear then, you can increase your pool's attractiveness by investing in a new fence.

A Pool Fence Can Be Incorporated Into a Redesign

Pool fencing comes in many designs and styles, and provided you choose the right style for your pool and yard, it can complement any future redesigns a buyer may envision. For instance, if your yard is small, a wooden or wire-mesh fence will make it seem even smaller.

In this case, installing glass pool fencing would open up the space while providing a foundation for future yard redesigns. This is important because just as potential buyers will be looking for possible problems, they will also be looking out for areas with design potential. After all, your home may become somebody else's dream home.

Are you looking to sell a house with a swimming pool soon? By investing in some new pool fencing or repairing your current pool fencing, you could increase the value of your home.