Two reasons why fence contractors have to repair automatic gates

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There are quite a few reasons why fence contractors end up being asked to repair their clients' automatic gates. Read on if you'd like to find out about some of the reasons why owners of automatic gates find themselves in need of the help of this type of contractor.  

The control box was accidentally left open

Sometimes, a person who has an automatic gate installed on their property will need to access the gate's control box, which is usually mounted onto the fence or pillar next to the gate. This box contains the motherboard that programs the remotes which are used to control the gate. As such, if a person wants to program a spare remote or change the settings on their existing remote, they will normally need to access this motherboard in order to do this.

If after making changes to the control box, they accidentally leave the lid of the box ajar, there is a very good chance that they will need the help of a fence contractor in the near future. The reason for this is as follows: if this motherboard is not shielded by the box's lid, it is very likely that it will be exposed to condensation or rain (which can be very serious, as moisture usually sounds the death knell for circuit boards) or that it will be struck and damaged by airborne debris if it gets windy outside.

When the circuitry is damaged in this manner, it will not be possible for the owner to control the movement of their gate with their remote. In this situation, they will have to get the motherboard repaired or have a new one fitted by their fence contractor.

The gate's operator arm was used as a foothold by someone

Automatic gates usually have an electronically-controlled 'arm'; this is a long and narrow component which sits along the bottom of the gate and which is connected, via electrical wires, to the control box. When a person presses the remote, an electric signal from the aforementioned motherboard in the control box forces this arm to move the gate in a specific direction.

One common reason why fence contractors are asked to fix automatic gates is that someone has attempted to use this arm as a foothold. The weight of a person's body resting on this component can cause it to either break in half or bend, depending on how heavy the person is. If this happens, the arm will no longer be able to push or pull the gate in a specific direction. When the arm sustains damage like this, it usually needs to be replaced in order to restore the gate's electronic functionality.

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