Four reasons to fit a new glass balustrade

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When you are adding new features to your home, one material that you can certainly employ in your new design is glass. While glass is widely used for windows and doors in almost every home, there is a lot more that can be done with glass to improve the look and feel of your property. You could opt for a glass canopy over the rear of your property or glass tables in your dining area, but one of the most popular ideas is the building of a glass balustrade. Here are four reasons why a glass balustrade could be right for your home.

Increased durability

It may seem strange to think of glass as durable material. Often, you might think of a glass item that is easy to break like a glass ornament or a wine glass, but not all glass is like that. When you use suitably thick glass, it is strong and will last for a long time. When other materials could wear out or deteriorate due to the climate or wear and tear, glass can endure for many years without cracking or shattering.

Increased light

While smaller homes can sometimes feel cramped or confining by making use of glass, you can increase the sense of space in the building. Using wood or metal will block the light and make a room feel dark, but with glass balustrades, the light will shine straight through giving much more of a welcoming sense of airiness and space.

Increased aesthetics

What does glass look like? Perhaps you think the answer is obvious but it doesn't have to be. While glass is commonly transparent it can actually be produced in a wide range of styles. You can have glass balustrades made in clear glass, but that glass could also be frosted to provide privacy or coloured to match your desired style. A further advantage of glass is that it offers the option of a frameless construction providing uninterrupted views for homeowners.

Increased environmental benefits

While metal or plastic may be common materials used around your home they are rarely the best choice for the environment. Good construction should always be done while thinking about how the materials will be used once they are expired. Metal and plastic will have a relatively short lifespan before they are removed and partially recycled. Glass balustrades will have a long working life and can then be entirely recycled, helping to reduce waste.

For more information on glass balustrades, contact a fence contractor.