Why Fencing Contractors Are Important When Installing Chain Wire Fences

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Chain wire fences offer a lot of security and privacy. These fences can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. Most homeowners choose to handle the installation of chain wires by themselves to save on cash. If you are building the fence for the first time, you might not consider all the options. You may end up making some mistakes that are costly to repair. Here are some wire fence installations errors made when not working with fencing contractors. 

Miscalculating the Fence Angles

It is common to find sloping in yards. But the slopes in some landscapes are not easy to see. That means you might not take into account these slopes when installing your chain wire fence. If you do not consider the grade in your backyard, you may end up experiencing issues in the future. So it is important to consider the sloping in your property before installing your fence. That way, you will get the right calculations for the angles and adjust the panels. You will then end up with a stable chain wire. 

Setting the Posts in the Wrong Order

The fencing posts affect the stability of your chain wire fences. The posts you install should be stable to withstand outside elements such as wind. These posts should also create a secure connection for the wire panels. When digging out holes, it is critical to start with the terminal posts. Also, get accurate ratios for these posts to ensure a proper installation of the chain wires. Ensure the holes are deep enough and use proper anchoring material.

Avoiding the Need for a String

It may not seem important to put a string between your terminal posts. However, the string is vital if you wish to get an even chain wire fence. When putting up the rope, ensure that there is no slack. It should also be only a few inches off the ground. Tie off the string on each terminal post on the part facing outside. That will help you when measuring the exact point where you will be adding each post. You can then mark these points to give you an easier time when laying down the fencing. That way, you can be sure to end up with a straight fence.

Chain wire privacy fences are beneficial in keeping your property safe. But you will not enjoy these benefits if you do not put up the fencing in the right way. The best way to get a stable and secure chain wire fence is by working with experienced fencing contractors.

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