Tips for Choosing the Colour of Your Backyard Fence

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Back yard fences come in different styles, such as timber palings or metal panel fences such as Colorbond. As well as choosing a fence style, you also need to pick a colour. Here are several tips.


The fence needs to tie in with the surroundings to look like it belongs and to make the yard feel unified rather than disjointed. One option is to match the fence to the gutters or the house's fascia. This approach won't create too much of one colour. Alternatively, you could repeat the roof colour. Also, consider hardscaping elements such as paving around a patio or pool deck.

Natural Foliage

Some colours let you appreciate the natural foliage in the garden more than others. If you want to highlight greenery, avoid green fences that will merge with the plants rather than show them off. Instead, opt for charcoal, navy, or black, which will contrast with the leaves and lawn and make them pop.

Backyard Proportions

The fence colour can also affect the sense of space in your backyard. Cool, dark colours such as deep blue and grey create a sense of depth. They make the fence visually recede, so the yard can seem larger. These colours are also similarly dark to the soil and the green foliage. If you construct a light-cream fence, it can stand out and emphasise the boundary of your yard, which can make it feel hemmed-in.

Decorative Options

If you install a timber paling fence, you can paint or stain it to bring out its raw wood quality. Metal panel fences let you combine colours. For example, install dark grey metal sheets and cream posts and rails. Colorbond fencing also provides post caps and lattice screening that can be attached to the top of the fence to increase its privacy.

Property Style

Some colours suit specific building types. For a modern home, you might consider dark grey, which will add to its sleekness. For a traditional house, you could opt for softer colours. Consider whether the facade consists of cool or warm colours and choose a consistent hue.

You also need to consider how the weather and natural lighting affect the appearance of colours. Hues will look different in bright sunshine than they will under cloudy skies. Thus, get a sample component or paint a section of the fence so you can see your chosen colour in your yard. That way, you'll get a more accurate idea of your desired hue.

Talk to a local fencing contractor for more advice.