Three Areas of Concern That Fencing Services Can Advise On

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It might be challenging to pick a front fence design among the different types and materials that are available. You have a lot to think about regarding the barrier and how it will work for your home. A fencing company can help you decide. Here are three areas of concern they can help with.


You may be interested in blocking noise with your barrier. A fencing expert can explain which structures can help with this issue. They may suggest modular fences that are constructed with panels and posts. The panels come in varying heights and thicknesses. A thicker and denser structure may be advisable if your property fronts a busy road.

Some modular fences use composite materials that can mimic stone, brick, and rendered cement. As well as blocking traffic, you may want to dampen rowdy neighbours who play a musical instrument or have loud disagreements. A fencing contractor can help with possibilities for side fencing as well. Some products specify how many decibels they can stop, a value that varies depending on the actual setting.

Other Practicalities

You might have other practical concerns regarding a front barrier, and a fencing services company can help with these. If you want privacy, they may suggest a colorbond or modular design about two metres high to create a secluded haven in your garden.

Horizontal slat fencing has gaps, giving the barrier an airier appearance while still screening a property. Slats can be added to the top of an opaque low fence made of metal panels or cement-rendered brick. A fence expert can advise on how to navigate any local laws as well. Some councils have regulations regarding the height and appearance of a front fence, especially if they want to preserve a particular architectural style and look.


Your house's location is also important in regard to which type of fence may be appropriate. If you live in a rural area with plenty of trees, a fencing expert can explain which materials will withstand fires or at least not become alight and allow a fire to leapfrog. Some modular fences are bushfire-rated, and metal and colorbond materials are also options.

If you live near the ocean, you'll need a resilient material that won't be ruined by the moist and salty atmosphere. While some metal fences may corrode in this harsh environment, others use stainless steel or are graded as suitable for coastal areas. They have varied additional protective coatings.

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